Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Forward!

I'm so excited to hopefully be able to show off some of my hard work, and inspire some of y'all in the process. This week I have lots of things planned:

1.  I'm adding a new backsplash to my kitchen using bead-board wallpaper (way cheaper and easier than cutting real beadboard). 
2.  I'm looking to finish up my last piece of my craft-room/office makeover. I have a little skirt to sew and add to a rod on my tall bookshelf. This should give me some open shelving for the pretty stuff, and then be able to hide the more random pieces, which are necessary but not necessarily pretty. ;)
3.   I'm also hoping to hem the ottoman cover I've made. I've found I need to add a little more batting, since it sinks a bit more than realized, so I'll plan ahead and add more so the length will be right after it squishes down from resting on it.
4.  I'm going to take some after pictures of some projects I've finished, which I just hadn't gotten around to doing.
5.  Lastly, I'm going to attempt to do so some crafts inspired by Dollar Store Crafts, along with a few they've actually posted. Also, maybe try out making some new pillows inspired by One Cheap B*tch's blog. We'll see how much time I have!

Hopefully, I'll make it to all of this, because I have to do a lot of gardening on top of getting the house ready for a get-together this weekend. Yipes! I'm going to need some coffee!


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