Friday, September 3, 2010

Cute ideas with clothespins

So I was toodling around Country Living and they had some fun projects with clothespins.
I've been needing a reason to buy okiobdesigns' fabulous ones, and now I have a project worthy of showing them off (and giving them to friends!).

Here is the project from CL
"Recipe Cards

For your next dinner party, write out copies of your beloved recipes on colored notecards, then decorate with stamps. Use clothespins to hang them from a length of ribbon near the door so guests can take them as they leave."
Now, wouldn't this be much cuter with Okiobdesigns'? And, it would be a perfect project for a garden party, where you could give away seed packets. Or pretty much for any holiday/birthday party as a way to display little party favors.

Hope this gives you some ideas and some inspiration for crafts of your own!

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