Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall in Florida

It's hot here ladies and gentlemen. H-O-T. It's September 17 here, and we've had heat indexes of about 105 for the last three days. *swelter, swelter. Now, I love fall. It's my favorite season. But, I'll admit summer comes in as a close second. It's so weird being a FL transplant, and I still just can't cope with the lack of seasons. I'll admit, living in north FL, we get colder weather that mid and southern FL never see. The fronts come down from GA and sometimes it actually freezes here at night a couple days each year. But typically, we have Christmas either at about 45 or 75 degrees. It all just depends. I know right? How do you get into the cooler seasons when it jumps around so much?

So, I've decided I won't decorate for fall until October. I tried this last year and it was so much better. But maybe, I'll even wait until the two weeks before Halloween. My pool has a solar heater, so we swim at least through mid-October. Anyway, basically, I'm carrying fall in my heart and on my blog for now, but I'm sunbathing on my chaises here in FL until then...


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