Monday, September 13, 2010

Fruit and flowers

Since I've moved my blog over to this new account, I thought I'd share some of this year's neat gardening stuff.

January: Our tangelo tree is loaded with ripe fruit to be picked. We had to give so many away; we just couldn't eat them all! *Notice the geranium on the right side!

February: The red and pink amaryllis are blooming next to the tangelo tree.

April: The wild black berry vine we transplanted has produced fruit and I poked my fingers a lot while collecting! Also, my iris is beautiful and spicy scented by the koi pond.

May: The agapanthus are blooming like crazy around the neighborhoods, my yard included! And my cannas have come up and are rapidly blooming. They'll be 6-7 feet tall by August!

June: The blue passion flower vine we planted is thriving and in bloom. And you'll see the water lilies are showy and full.

Random: Here are some great pictures of the hundreds of tree frogs around my neighborhood, which are basically everywhere in FL. That's what makes the sound of the Everglades! Here one is down the heart of one of our palm trees. They also like to hide underneath my patio umbrella, so I have to be really careful when I raise it to make sure they don't get squished!

Here is a picture of our pool and some of its surrounding vegetation:


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