Friday, December 10, 2010

I Am So Honored!

This week, I was given this amazing award by Nita at Mod Vintage Life.

I can't tell you how much this means to me, especially since I am a fledgling blog, with a terrible camera! 

{Which by the way, I'm remedying with a shiny, fabulous new one for look for me to (cross your fingers) appear much more professional. Not that I'll be more creative, but at least what I do will look much better!}

Now, apparently I'm due to tell you eight things about myself and pass this on to eight other fab bloggers. Hopefully, I shall endear myself to y'all (yes, y'all, I'm from Oklahoma...) and we shall become fast friends! 

I'm trying to keep this post to a reasonable length on my front page, so you'll have to click through to see my eight fun facts are. ♥ 

8(ish) Fabulous Sites

My goal here shall be to list some great sites that maybe not everyone is following. Let's face it, we all love The Graphics Fairy, but that's not what I'm going for. ♥



Which they did, but this was also
the best button too...
She's a bit bigger, but just a great site.

 & the ish
Just love this site, even though it's over 1,000...
She's a bigger, but one of my first blogging friends and I adore
her blog. And she's super sweet.

Eight fun facts...Drum rooollllll...

Here goes!

~ No. 1 ~

Where did I come from?

A proud Okie, I was born and raised in Clinton, Oklahoma and went to Oklahoma State University. My hometown was about 7,500 people. I grew up on a farm. We had cows, alfalfa and wheat. We also had the most amazing sunsets, fireflies and strangest weather. It was wonderful.

~ No. 2 ~
What do I do as a day job?
I am an advertising copywriter. See, since I was 17, I wanted to be an advertising creative. To tell you what I do would only be a quarter of the story for most people, since it's a little-known job to most folks. Let me give you the background of how I became one, so you can get the full picture.

I went to one of the top advertising portfolio schools in the nation to become and advertising copywriter. Think of it as one of about five super schools, sort of like one of the Ivy Leagues of advertising. The school itself is called The Creative Circus

The Circus was built like what it says. Inside, the conference room looks like a big-top, and when you go into the auditorium, there are giant gold pillars holding it up. The halls have real street signs named after advertising greats, with miniature street lamps along the way. There is also a fountain in the center. The eating area has plastic booths like a McDonald's. There, you can take your dog to school with you everyday, just like the teachers do. Best school ever, right?

So, I make ads for a living. I work with a partner or group, we come up with an idea to make into an ad. Then, I'm tasked with coming up with the witty line and supporting copy if there is any. I am in charge of all copy-related things throughout the jobs.

It's wonderful because we can go to Starbucks and work, play pool or ping pong during the day, hang out on couches and never have to dress up better than jeans. Yep, I have the best job ever.

To see my portfolio of work I've done, visit  

(I have hesitated to share the fact I'm a writer before because I was afraid people would hold me to consistently having amazing writing in each post.  In fact, it takes a LOT of work to make great advertising writing, and I'm used up after being super-writer all day. Rather than writing, my blog is more of my random creative outlet.  It lets me share neat finds and my accomplishments, rather than showcasing my swell writing chops.)

~ No. 3 ~

What's on my resume?
I assume by now, you realize my job is unlike most peoples. My resume is also odd. This is word-for-word what is on my professional resume--Besides the who, what where and when stuff. 

(who-what-when goes here)

*Parenthetical Information
Well, not really because my little piggies look sort of like E.T. But you’ve got to admit, it makes a smashing beginning. Let’s see, I have been killed in a B-budget horror film. I collect pink flamingos. I may or may not be obsessive compulsive. I am frank—not a man, but very honest. To me, the smell of coconut temporarily cures nausea. I have never stolen. I am a good shot with a rifle. I love all kinds of Latin dancing, and do it whenever I can. I’ve owned crazy pets (snakes, spiders, hissing cockroaches). I have purposefully retrieved a man’s severed finger from a piece of gym equipment. I love to pop bubble wrap. I bet on football games regularly. Llamas make me laugh. And I decided to go into advertising after watching an episode of Bewitched. 

~ No. 4 ~
What do I look like?
Right now, this is it. I have silver hair. On purpose. Felt like being something besides just blond for awhile.

 ~ No. 5 ~
What sort of pets do I have?
I have a silky terrier named Dixie, a Himalayan cat named Stormy, a huge Maine Coon named Jasper and a gargantuan mixed rescue, Cosmo.
In order:

He's obsessed with pipe cleaners...


~ No. 7 ~
Green thumb?
Yep, I've got one. I love to grow all kinds of things. I love flowers and herbs so that's where the main care goes. I have all kinds of tropical plants growing in my back yard. Up top, go to The Literal House of Healy page to see some!

~ No. 8 ~
That too! I read every thing. Shampoo and food labels, books, magazines...It's quite possibly my greatest joy. Have book, will read. 
By the way, I read Pride and Prejudice entirely on my iPhone. How's that for a fun fact?!

Well, that's it for me. Hope you've enjoyed me prattling on about myself. Feels a little self indulgent, but I guess that's what part of this award is about. So I'll forgive myself of this one, I suppose. 



Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Sondra! I really appreciate the award. Fun to know a little about you...I have a creative/advertising background too! But I did not go to the Circus. (I'm an Ithaca College grad.) My focus was Graphic design but I spent 3 years as an account executive, working with a team of talent like you. Fun industry. I miss it. I have feet like Frodo so foot model isn't on my resume either! Ha! Thank you again!

Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} said...

thank you!!! You are too sweet - i am bad about posting my awards but i will try and get to it soon :)

And how cool of job do you have!! i would love to work in a "circus" - very cool. And your pets are too cute :)

Thanks - have a good weekend!!

Robin Johnson said...

OK! First of all Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! You are so very sweet to think of me, not to mention including me in your list.

Next, I sure hope you don't think I'm some crazy stalker lady. In my defenses I knew today was going to by crazy busy for me and I wanted to thank you right away!

I sure did enjoy learning a bit more about you. Can't wait until spring so we can talk gardens YIPEEEEE ok, maybe I can only wait until January, that's when I start planning!

Thanks again, now I'm off to check out the new-to-me blogs on your list!!!!

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