Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Mirror Idea from {show & tell}

This blog had an amazing idea for how to deal with those giant wall mirrors that seem to be in almost every home when you move in. I tore mine out and hung a new mirror, but sometimes it's either just not practical, or you want to keep the size yet make it look more finished. But let's face it you don't really need the entire thing. They're huge most of the time. Aha! This lady has the answer!


She added some different types molding around the edges with glue (for here full tutorial go here), then paint. She got a high-end look and kept the mirrors she already had. That's what I call smart! Hopefully, you can take this idea and run with it for your own bathrooms and make something really amazing. 

(She asks that if you're inspired by this, to share your designs with her on her blog. Please take a moment to do so, if you are!)


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