Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That's the Spirit! (of Christmas)

Ballard or PB I think. I lost the source. Forgive me. :)

 Hello everyone! I saw this entryway, and it led to some not very productive, but well-needed down time (cursed stairs...) ogling over Christmas items. This particular entry seemed ever-festive, but simple enough it wouldn't take a lot of money to recreate. Thus, I thought I'd share it. Especially if you're in a new home, or just want to start from scratch.

Like I said, I wandered. But my internet toodling has brought forth some lovely finds. Share in the bounty of my wanderings!

Steal:  Wisteria's mercury glass tree topper $19. 
(Other styles available or buy all four together)

 Splurge: Wisteria/Victorian Trading Co. Corinthian tree base.
(I know!!!! Isn't it drool-worthy?--$199)
If you figure out how to replicate, pleeeease share with us all!

"Oh, yeah, I could totally make that for less than wherever-it's-being-sold":


Glittery/frosted pinecones! Sno-Tex, Epsom salt, glitter...Oh, my!

Keep reading to see more!

Little beads/crystals and wire on garland lights? Uh, yeah--can do.

I'm imagining this as magnetic/chalkboard sheets cut to shape...

These are from PB. Mercury-glass orbs w/ holes in bottom with
garland lights inside. Vintage silver ornaments where the inside polish
is wearing off I think would to the same. Or clear glass ones
layered with some gold/silver leafing!

I'm seeing dollar-store candles with Christmas music wrapped
around them with jute twine and a much cuter tag.

Don't have these pretty, pearly shells?
Well that's what pearl spray paint can do to shells you can buy at Michael's!

You know you've seen these mini stockings, for like, five for a dollar.
Now here's what to do with them.
(You can also use them for silverware/napkin holders at your holiday table)

Long twig, cute bucket, twine--the making of a cheap, yet expensive-looking advent!
(I'd think of coating buckets with chalk-board paint and just writing the numbers
on them if you don't want to make stencils and paint numbers.)

Okay, hope you're all inspired! I'm having a very hard time doing what I neeeeeed to do, rather than holing up in my craft room, pouting and making fun crafts all day.

Alas, I am covered in sawdust but am now going to keep cleaning/wiping down the dust, to finally finish up the hallway--and then I'm going to hopefully take the longest shower known to man. Stairs are next, but at least the hallway, besides varnishing, is done. Hooray!


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