Monday, November 8, 2010

LED Candle Redo

Remember when I showed Party Puff's tutorial for making over LED candles? Well, I just HAD to make them myself.

I found the candles in a three-pack at my local Sam's Club for $15. They were 3x6", so a perfect size. I really wanted to have some of these made up before Christmas, because I like to have candles on my mantle with real boughs, but am always really nervous about flames and dry pine needles. LED candles seemed like a perfect solution. The only reason I hadn't used them before was that they looked so sterile.

Now that I'd found some reasonably priced candles, I broke out my heat gun and waxed paper and got to work!

So here are my candles and my heat gun...


Here is what they looked like after I set me heat gun to them.

Isn't this soooo much better? I feel it's so very Charles Dickens.

(I know there are pumpkins in these shots, but I can already see my candles surrounded in evergreen and holly...carols and cocoa...Yep, I'm excited for Christmas.)

Tell me what you think, or if you've had similar luck doing a project with LED candles. I'd love to see them!



Nita Stacy said...

So much better! Makes them look real.

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