Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hallway/Stairway to...

It's wasn't to Heaven. Well, we'll just leave it at that. 

We're halfway done, though, and things are really looking quite heavenly now.

So here is where we are to date. Hopefully, Thanksgiving will give Husband and I time to varnish the hallway and strip the stairs. After that, we'll just need to sand, and then varnish, the stairs sometime soon. That's not near as daunting as the hallway.

New light fixtures for the hallway! Old ones were horrid.
New brushed-nickel trimmed ones.

 Where we started

I should tell you we haven't replaced the 1980s doors yet. They'll be white, but for now the hallway will seem a bit dark, and decidedly not cottagey. And the steps will have white backs, too, by the way, which with both whitenings, will help immensely.

Upper main stairs

Lower stairs

Hallway. Yes, they dripped paint all over and
then covered over with carpet. We ripped it
up and this was there.

More drippy paint in the hallway's corner.

See what our progress has been after the jump.

Where we went

We're painting the backs white, thus the filler
dots. Husband with sander. Prior to any
*Note: Sanding puts dust everywhere. Not that I doubted it would, but no matter how I tried to prevent it--and I was really, really, really good about sealing stuff up--I still ended up cleaning EVERY surface in my home, walls, floors, etc. from top to bottom. It's really clean now I guess!

 Where we are
Bare and beautiful! My 50-year-old red oak floors!

Ahhh! Lovely!

Bare floor/finished bedroom floor. Once varnished, they
should match.

Now you know why I've been a bad blogger. Between all the regular home chores, this ate up alllll my time not sleeping and eating! I hope you like where it's at and I can't wait to share more of the progress. :)



Nita Stacy said...

I redid the floors in my dining room and living room and it was miserable. I don't ever want to do that again. And...I need to do in the rest of the house. My mistake was using oil based varnish....the fumes were a killer.

It is suppose to hold up better than water based but I don't care...I am never ever doing that again. I had headaches for two weeks caused by the fumes.

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