Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scentsational Sharing

I absolutely love going to people's homes and finding out how they smell. 

I said it. There. 

Every home smells different, and it's indicative of the people who live within it. For example, my friend Laura's home smells of tea, spices and paper. She has a whole cabinet of tea and her husband makes all kinds of strange and wonderful food. They both create a lot of things and she's a designer by trade. There are loads of different kinds of paper and books all throughout her home. When I go there, it smells familiar and comforting. It's her home. When I go home and unpack, my pillowcase smells like her home. It makes me smile.

See, each home has its signature scent. The aromas may change with the seasons, but the background is always there. I don't know if I'm absolutely crazy and it's just me, but I sort of doubt it. I mean, when you go to your parent(s)' house, doesn't it still smell familiar? 
Anyway, I was just thinking about this tonight as I lit some candles. After which, it got me thinking I do change the scents in my home each season. And I bet almost everyone else does to. Thus, here is where I actually round-the-bush and get to the point of my post.

I thought I'd share with you what my home smells like in fall. 

My fall scents are Yankee Candle's Harvest and Pumpkin Pie candles. I have a Bath and Body Works Wallflower in Kitchen Spice. Occasionally, I spray their Autumn scent. 

(Aromatique had a great smell called Fall Festival, which I loved. I don't have much left, but I spritz it on pine cones after I collect them, and put them in big bowl on my dining room table each November.)

I'm always on the lookout, or sniffout, for great smells that just say *Fall* to me. 
I'd love to hear what scents you use for fall in your home. ♥


Nita Stacy said...

I have particular scents that I use in each season.

Like you...I always do pumpkin candles in the fall. Love them. Halloween night...I'll have like 10 going.

Following that for winter - I usually do a apple cider scent

In the spring I do either a pair scent or green apple - Target has a woodwick candle that I LOVE and burned most of the spring and summer. It was suppose to be apple but it smelled more like pear.

And in summer I like lemon candles.

Jennifer Leigh said...

You're not crazy! I remember the smell of my Kindergarten class. Sometimes, usually in elevators, I get a whiff of something that reminds me of Kindergarten. It wasn't a particularly good smell, but I remember it. I love the smell of's so comforting and cozy.

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