Saturday, October 16, 2010


I just wanted to give a quick update and all I could hear was the sound of a telegraph in my head...

Anyway, I have been good and doing my crafts, so I can hopefully take pictures and show you. Also, I have been doing lots of other "musts". Even though they're fun, they do keep my from blogging. I hope to post maybe one Saturday and Monday, but I'm crossing my fingers. If perchance you drop by, and I haven't been on, I swear I didn't just give up. (Though after seeing all the amazing blogs out there, I do sometimes have some self-doubt!)

So here is what I have on my to-do list that will keep me a bit busier than usual:
1. Oklahoma State Football.
I am the head of the alumni chapter in Jacksonville. And we are really good this year, so we'll be at the watch-party location cheering on the Cowboys!
2.  Halloween Horror Nights.
I am so excited to go to Universal Studio's HHN this year for the very first time. People come from overseas to go to this thing, it is that cool. I'm beyond pumped. I might have just peed a little...
3. Husband has Monday off.
Thus, since I like him, I try to spend time with him while he's here. 
4.  I have real work due on Monday. 
I know, I know, I have a real job. Good thing I love it!
5. I am coming up with t-shirt ideas for my alumni chapter.
Hells ya!

Here is what you have to look forward to me posting:
1. New Halloween Porch. 
Very witchy. Some cool ideas with dark plants and cauldrons. Will be able to carry over into fall really easily.
2. Halloween Dining Room.
I did some fun stuff to perk up that room too, which I'm excited to share!
3. HHN photos.
You know you wanna see some scary stuff this close to Halloween!
4. Scrap-Booking Closet. 
Yep, closet. It was sort of messed up as closets go, and I needed a place where my cats wouldn't play with every tiny little piece of my work. It really became a nice solution. There's even gift wrapping storage included! (And it keeps clutter down, since it I can just shut a door and *POOF* it's gone!)

So, that's my beepin' update!!! See you no later than Tuesday, and maybe before!


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