Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfect Bows Year After Year - # 1

Today's tidbit is how to make all that hard bow-making work pay off--by being able to reuse them year after year. Some of you may already have a plan in place, but just in case if not, I thought I'd share a quick thing with you. Behold.

Left-over bubble wrap and/or a plastic grocery bag makes the perfect stuffing in each loop. Simply wad and stuff.

This is what my bow looks like coming out of the box.

 And here it is freshly unstuffed, no fluffing done yet.
Pretty great, right?  Folding your loops flat always leaves a crease, I've found, and your bows just look like you reused them from last year. Not what I'm going for.


And here is my bow tied up on my rail. 

Ya, ya, ya, I know I used the terrible flash. My camera stinks (not for long though, I think) but I'd like for you to properly see how it turned out (and my stairway lighting leaves something to be desired). 

Hopefully, this helped some of you. If you've got some other ideas, I'd love to hear them too!



Nita Stacy said...

My system is - I make new bows every year!

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